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The Red Dragon

Solomon said, "You will have three teachers at your disposal.

70,000 colleagues and 170,000 apprentices. By virtue of this dra

Gon everyone will obey you blindly and your orders will be perfect-

mind interpreted by them; but it is necessary that every day at

When the sun rises, say the words that the famous magician Anacharsis teaches

He called Moses, who are: "Jobsa", "] a] ma", "Afia". That said, given

give the dragon a grain of camphor of the purest and the size of

a grain of wheat. Then you will put it in a cloth bag

swim, saying when placing him: "Adonay, Almanach, Elochay, you-

Power and wisdom be with me, now and always. So be it'.


Practicing all this with desire and good faith, your enemies will

will reconcile with you, you will be respected by all the kings and all

the peoples: your wisdom will be immense, your beauty will be sustained

and youth, it will increase your wealth and your life will be long.


All these virtues possessed the red dragon, which was one of the

more rare talismans that existed in Egypt. Moses had him in his

power for many years and to this circumstance is attributed that all

their businesses were crowned with the most complete success.


This talisman must be constructed with the alloy of the

seven metals that have the influence of the seven planets.


It has to be manufactured on Thursday when it is in

the Moon and the Sun, which occurs very rarely. In its

only the wise men initiated in all the

occult sciences


To use this talisman, it is necessary to wash and perfumed

whole body, and at sunrise they will pronounce with great re-

catch the words that are indicated above. A grain of camphor will be put in your mouth and placed in the bag, with a

magnet stone, will be placed next to the heart.


Fulfilling faithfully everything said, you can ask what you

You see and the doors that are closed will open at your call.

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