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History about Saint Cyprian Ring 
Saint Cyprian Gold Ring

The ring of San Cipriano


This ring must be made of the purest gold, on Sunday at sunrise and in the month of May. It has to carry in the center an emerald stone, in which the figure of the sun is engraved and on the opposite side of the ring, on the same gold, the Moon. Then the following words "Dabi", "Habi", "Alpha" and "Omega" are also engraved on gold, with burin, made of new steel, bearing in mind that it must be done in Hebrew characters, since it is more pleasing to the spirits whose names it bears. So that it can be done with exactness, the drawing of the ring accompanies another that represents the ring stretched along with the Hebrew signs that it must carry.


In order for this talisman to acquire great magical effects, he must get in touch with the magnet stone at sunrise and say the following salutation: "Dedicate yourselves, Mighty Lord Alpha and Omega, substance and spirit of all creation, the daily memory of my soul , that awaits your divine protection, in how many works you have to perform on this day.

Having faith, patience, perseverance and observing all the virtues, you can acquire such a great domain that even kings will need your help and no one could ever harm you in any way. You will have a clear intelligence to acquire all

kind of knowledge and you will prosper in how many jobs you undertake.


This ring is placed on the middle finger of the right hand.

If you have already your Solomon Power Ring, The Cyprian Ring can be use on the index finger of the right hand

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