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Sun Pentacle Key of Solomon Pendant Necklace Talisman Amulet


Handmade in White Gold 14K with Real Colombian emeralds




Third Pentacle Sun Talisman is a powerful talisman.

This talisman of the sun is medium-large in size. Talisman available in sterling silver, (and gold on request)

The pentacles of the sun are most powerful when made of gold. And the purer the Greater its power.

It is recommended that the talismans be duly consecrated by an expert magician, or that they begin in the art of consecration, since their effectiveness greatly increases if they are well consecrated.


Dimensions of the talisman and the third pentacle sun is optional


ORIGIN of Solomon's talismans

The pantacle or talisman of the sun is part of the talismans attributed to the biblical King Solomon (1,000 BC approx). Last king of Israel. According to the Solomon Bible, he was after Jesus Christ the wisest character that inhabited the earth. Solomon accumulated wealth, power and unlimited wisdom, and it seems that the secret of such fortune was in his pantacles and talismans that Jehovah himself inspired him.

These jewels, the Pantacles of Solomon are possibly the most powerful talismans known.

Solomon's pantacles, despite being more than 3,000 years old, did not become popular until medieval Europe, rescuing the talismans from the book "Solomon's clavicles".


Talismanic magic is very effective if the talismans are also consecrated at the most convenient astrological hours, which can be done by any astrologer or by ourselves using information from astrology books and astrological talismans.



This talisman pentacle is the third Pentacle of the Sun.

The pentacle of the sun is a talisman that combines the characteristics of the two pentacles that precede it (first and second pentacles). The first represents Shaddai the almighty before whose figure all creatures obey, and all angels revere, and the second represses the pride and arrogance of the solar spirits through the angels Shemeshiel, Paimoniah, Rekhodiah and Malkhiel.


Therefore the pentacle of the sun is a talisman, it provides incredible power, but it will not work for those who use it with pride and arrogance.

The name IHVH is repeated 12 times and a verse similar to Daniel 4.34 "My kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, MY dominion persists from age to age"



The talisman or pantacle of the Sun, in addition to serving to provide power and wealth, also serves to inflict losses on others, provided they deserve it by universal law, and to acquire fame and glory and success in life, especially by the name of God. , Tetragrammaton, which is contained 12 times.

Third Pentacle of Sun Key of Solomon handmade Gold 14K

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