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925 Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow Gold, 0.39" x 0.39" / 10mm x 10mm Rose Cut Pyramid Onyx

Band Width: 0.37" / 9.5 mm

This extraordinary ring will make an unforgettable gift to someone special. The wide silver band has been decorated with solid gold carved into bricks which are reminiscent of the Western Wall's iconic architecture. The border a large black onyx stone, which has been rose cut into a pointed pyramid shape, and set in silver. 

This ring is rich in Kabbalistic symbolism. The base of the ring has been engraved with two mystical three-lettered names for God: Mem-Hey-Shin for health and strength, and Shin-Aleph-Hei for divine protection. Additionally, Kabbalists believe that onyx stones reconnect us with our truest selves and deepest desires.

Sterling Silver and Gold Aaron the Priest Ring with Rose-Cut Onyx

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