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Solomon King. The KEY To THE COVENANTS


This key or clavicle is known by the great talisman Dominator or dominator who is therefore the one who can be considered first in the scale of the talismans: he used Solomon to subjugate the spirits, who always came humbly to his term

This key is formed from the metals gold, brass and bronze, it is manufactured on Sunday morning, at the first hour of sunrise. It takes the form of a parchment with the Hebrew words, and on it the key. It can be constructed in metal like the drawing, or form a parchment with the words engraved and the key manufactured separately.

To invest in this talisman, the first hour of Sun on Sunday will be chosen; a small piece of magnet stone will be added and it will be said:

"In the name three times holy and powerful of the Supreme Maker of all things, in the name of the Son and Holy Spirit, one and triune, by the grace granted to the angels of light, by which he has given me to form a human person, in his image and likeness, by the power he conferred on the seven planets: which are: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn to reign, influence and dominate in everything above and below the earth and the waters, by the sacred words that this dominating talisman contains, by the names of the good spirits "Adonai, Elochais, Almanab, to whom I beg your powerful protection, in order to achieve by your mediation, the absolute dominion of the creatures, spirits and elements. "

Then it is placed in a red silk bag and perfumed with incense and myrrh powders.

Every Sunday, at sunrise, some steel filings will be thrown into the bag to feed the talisman and seven grains of wheat as an offering to the seven planets. When placing it on the heart it will be said: "O mysterious planet that you rule and rule in this hour all the destinies of the world and created things, take me under your protection and shelter and favor me with your gifts until the hour of my death. "

Keep in mind that the clavicle means key or key and that it is a word of Hebrew origin, being this one that gives name to the great clavicle of Solomon.

Solomon King. The KEY To THE COVENANTS

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