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Seventh Pentacle of Saturn of Solomon King handmade Silver .925 with Zircon

Diameter 4 cms

Fabulous Jewelry piece of Art handmade in Silver .925 , we can put Diamonds too

We can made in Gold Yellow or white too, just ask

This talisman of Saturn is part of the talismans attributed to the biblical king Solomon (1000 BC). Last king of Israel. According to the Bible Solomon, was after Jesus Christ the wisest character who inhabited the earth. Solomon accumulated riches, power and unlimited wisdom, and it seems that the secret of so much fortune lies in his pentacles and talismans that inspired him Jehovah himself.

These jewels, the pentacles and talismans of Solomon, are possibly the most powerful talismans known.

Solomon's Pentacles or Seals, despite being more than 3,000 years old, did not become popular until medieval Europe, the talismans of the book "Solomon's Clavicles" being rescued.

Talismanic magic is very effective if you also consecrate the talismans in the most convenient astrological hours, which can be done by any astrologer or ourselves through information from astrological books and astrological talismans.


This pentacle of Saturn is the seventh and last pentacle of Saturn.

This pentacle of Saturn is such a powerful talisman that makes sure tremors are heard when invoking it, due to the power of the angels that are manifested under its invocation.

Within the pentacle of Saturn are the names of the nine choirs of angels that are:

1.- Chaiot Ha Qadesch, Holy living creatures

2.-Auphanim, Wheels

3.-Aralim, Thrones

4.-Chasmalim or Brilliant

5.-Seraphin the fire

6.-Melakim, Reyes

7.-Elohim, Gods

8.-Beni Elohim, Children of Elohim

9.- Kerubim, Cherubim

The verse is 7 of Psalm 28 which says: "Then the earth trembled and shook, the foundations of the hills also moved and were shaken, because he was angry"

The talisman or pentacle of Saturn is a powerful protective talisman. The talisman of Saturn seventh seal is able to mobilize the angels who cut all the spells of bad luck we may have.

This Saturn Pentacle acts as a powerful shield capable of repelling all the evil things that harm us, black magic, evil spells, evil eye, etc ... protecting us and also giving a lot of wisdom, common sense in our lives.


Seventh Pentacle of Saturn of Solomon King handmade Silver .925 with Zircon

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