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Ring of Kingdom of Solomon

Handmade Gold 10K

Pigeon's blood ruby

12 Times Name of GOD Handmade

This is The Power Ring SUPREME POWER

The third pentacle talisman of the Sun. This serves (in addition to the effects of the preceding ones) to acquire kingdom and empire, to inflict loss and to acquire renown and glory, especially for the name of God, Tetragrammaton, which contains 12 times.

talisman of the sun 3rd pentacle in silver

talisman of the sun, the third pentacle you can buy it in our online store

The name IHVH is repeated 12 times, and a similar verse somewhat similar to Daniel, 4:34; "My kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and my dominion endures from age to age."

Ring of Kingdom of Solomon 10K

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