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Moses Code Ring, handmade 7 metals , With Zircon


This ring features two women who are holding up a Diamond. The pictures of this ring do not do the ring justice. The two women are the angelic beings that were sent to help Moses and they do speak. YOU CAN HAVE THE SAME GUIDES THAT MOSES HAD. 

This piece has been tested and it does work. There is not really much you can't do with this piece and you can even use it to fight a darkness. It does have some unusual powers that cannot be described as normal psychic abilities. Most of the abilities this ring gives have been considered long lost, until now. There is the ability to pull a person into your mind and they are really there, speaking and having a real conversation with you. What you seek is made available to you. IT GIVES YOU THE ABILITY TO COMMAND COMMUNICATION WITH ALL BEINGS, LIVING OR DEAD, HUMAN OR ANIMAL. Just use your imagination for a second and you'll realize how much can be done with this ring. This piece also gives healing and it's pretty amazing. There are so many different things that this ring can do for you. 

Some believe that 3,500 years ago, Moses was given the secret for attracting everything you've ever desired. The Moses Code could be considered the true function and practice of the Law of Attraction. The Moses Code is a little different because it does much more than bringing you abundance, wealth or wonderful relationships. THE MOSES CODE CAN BE USED TO CREATE MIRACLES IN YOUR LIFE AND FOR OTHERS. This piece is meant for someone that is not of darkness. It is fine to use the Moses Code if you need to help yourself and have good intentions, but its true power is meant to be shared to benefit everyone. The Moses Code has been used to create some of the greatest miracles in the history of the world. Unlock the code and make the world a better place!

Moses Code Ring, handmade 7 metals , With Zircon

$558.00 Regular Price
$474.30Sale Price
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