Lion of Judah Ring handmade Gold 10K


This Ring help to convert you a King



Leon de Judah Prayer and activation




This ring should be made of pure gold of 22 kiates, upon receiving it clean it with a glass of salt and water for 24 hours, the next morning at dawn, pray with FAITH the following.




Here is the JUDAH LION RING that will give me the Victory !!! That makes me King of my Nation, here is in this ring of POWER the very essence of JUDAH'S LION !!! That will tell me how to go the way of Victory.

Shadai, Zebaoth, Adonay fill this Powerful ring of Power and Victory for me, my enemies will hear my roar and they will know that they can not approach me, because I carry with me THE LION OF JUDAH.

Enemies tremble in my presence, disappear from my sight, flee terrified in my presence, because they can not resist the word of God who protects me.


Then pray with FAITH the following:


 Let's not look back, but let's press for the advance in the mighty river of God. Because it is coming with strength and power, and it will devour anything in its path that is not aligned with the will of God and walking in it. We are going to proclaim victory and to let out a shout for the King of Kings.

The "Lion of Judah" will roar and we will see the forts fall, we will see the serpents trampled under our feet. No weapon forged against us will prosper, no enemy will come against us because the "Lion of Judah" is among us and He will fight for us.

The angels surround us with swords of fire. The fire that surrounds us is His love for us. Nothing can infiltrate because we have been purified and cleansed, and we can only be in the middle of the fire. Anything else will be destroyed because this is God's will for us.

«Stop crying, then, that the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the descendant of David has won the victory». Revelation 5: 5


I have put protection fence around your life, your enemies will hear my roar and they will know that they can not approach, because you are the girl of my eyes, my special treasure, that the territory where you move is protected, every time they want to attack you , I will cause them to see chariots of fire, and armed armies, and I will bring blindness and confusion into the enemy army. This is a time of victory over your life, declares the Lord.


The Lord rises like a giant; Wake up anger, like a warrior. He screams and lets his voice be heard; Lash out at your enemies! Isaiah 42:13


This is a time of conquest, advancement, inheritance. When God renews your way of thinking you will look to the future in a different way and you will be like Joshua and Caleb, people with a different spirit who can say great challenges if you can! because it is not in our strength but with the power of the Almighty who marches before us.

Joshua 1: 9 My command is: Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged, because the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.


This is the word of God, which descends upon this ring, and strengthens me in my way.


So be it, so be it, so be it, Amen.

Lion of Judah Ring handmade Gold 10K