King Solomon Ring Turquoise Gold 14K Silver .925



925 Sterling Silver, 14K Gold, Turquoise Stone

This beautiful contemporary piece of handmade jewelry with a Kabbalistic flavor is a work of beauty that will be a treasured gift for a lifetime. Exquisitely carved out of sterling silver, it is adorned with a magnificent 14K gold ring which features a mesmerizing turquoise stone face.

The elegant inscription on the band displays one of the Kabbalistic names of God: Samech - Aleph - Lamed, which is said to offer the wearer protection and is a segulah for wealth. The letters are separated to avoid any desecration.

This ring is suitable for men and women.

Please note: This beautiful piece will be custom made especially for you. Please allow up to 14 business days from date of purchase before the item is shipped.

King Solomon Ring Turquoise