I would not be caught without the King Solomon Ring! 

In these dangerous and uncertain times, I just don't see how anyone can be or would want to be caught without this magical protection Ring.

One of It's propose was to protect King Solomon from evil forces and rule over them, It protect's you as it did protect King Solomon. But you must have it in your possession. 

Hand-carved & Crafted
Forged in Solid Sterling Silver .925

To the user:

Beware the gifts this ring bestows. For it has powers from Beyond, this little ring that you have donned.

In it is a cosmic force and from the name thereon; than which more potent there is none.

A mystic energy shall surge and with thy own volition merge. Beware! Like fire this potency:

If used for good, a friend to thee. Use this ring with good intent, for mischief friend it is not meant.

What are its powers? Lend an ear and of their nature you shall hear. For with this ring upon thy hand, you may summon and command.

For spirits shall come to you when called by name. The ring shall rule them; make them tame.

And lo! The ring is yours to use. Beware its powers You’re the fuse.

So are you ready—no or yes? And are you willing to agree to use these powers righteously?

The Ring's Magic is so strong that it emits its own Magnetic Energy that Pulls All Good Things to You! Your Life will overflow with Financial and Spiritual Riches, Prosperity, and Good Luck! Golden Opportunities will find you wherever you go! All of your wishes will Manifest quickly in the most Surprising and Pleasant ways! People will be Astonished at Your Amazing Good Luck! Your Stars will Align and your life will fall into Perfect Harmony and Balance! All you ever Dreamed of, all you have ever Desired is Yours for the asking! Life will become a Celebration as you fall into Perfect Harmony with the Universal Oneness! Your own Energies will be Purified and Cleansed of all negative and bad karma. Your Spirit will be renewed! The Ring also holds a Powerful Protection for your Good Fortune, keeping evil at bay. It does not need to be worn to be effective. You may place it near your bedside or other special place, This Amazing Ring has infinite Powers, Your Personal Powers will Multiply Exponentially. Don't Wait! Step into the Light! Good Luck and Fortune await! You Will Have the Power to Manifest All You Desire and Deserve! The Doors of your Mind will be blown open to new Realities, and your Spirit will be set Free!

Don't Let it Get Away! Buy Now!

Wear the Ring when You Are Commanding.

The Celestial and Terrestrial spirits can be called upon and render services for whatever you wish for;

be for protection, wisdom, confidence, luck, success, power, wealth, friendships, and healing.

For with this Magic Signet Ring you will have power over all spirits, Angels, animals, and the elements.

Use it with good intent and watch what happens all around you. Things start to change, People will be Astonished at your Good Luck! Your confidence increases, new opportunities open up for you, Your Stars will Align up, You will be astonished! You are the fuse! Whatever you put into it will be amplified and will be directed outward. You must believe in it's power, and in your desire, you must wear it when you are commanding, or you may place it near your bedside or other special place, give it time to see the positive results.

A Magical force starts to build.

Upon this ring is written the ineffable and most powerful name of God and around the ring there are the names of two Arch Angels and inside the ring the unspoken name of God. The two triangles are the union of heaven and earth. It is the triumph of spirit over matter. It is considered all-powerful, and the perfect sign of the Absolute, and was worn for protection against all casualties, dangers, and mischief, to preserve its wearer from all evil and to give him power.

You will receive a password to activate the Magic Ring's Power!


Archangel Michael for Protection & Miracles.
Archangel Gabriel for Strength and good news.
Archangel Raphael for Healing. 
Angel Anael for romance and love. 
Angel Aniel for breaking addictions.
Angel Jamaerah for Manifestation. 
Angel Mihr for friendships.
Angel Adoniel for games of chance and luck.

Upon Purchase provide us your ring size.THANKS!!!!

This ring can be made in these sizes: 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12,12.5, 13. 13.5, 14, 15
(It will take about 3 weeks for other sizes and sizes not in stock)

SHIPPING $9.99 In the USA

There are additional shipping and handling fees for international shipping, please contact us for details.

This ring, is Solid Sterling Silver .925, very durable and it weigh's about 23 grams.

This ring is hand carved and crafted in a vintage finish.

King Solomon, was the mightiest and wisest ruler of the earth that ever was or shall be. He prayed fervently to God,
on account of his modest request for wisdom only, Solomon was rewarded with riches and an unprecedented glorious realm, which extended over the upper world inhabited by the angels and over the whole of the terrestrial globe with all its inhabitants, including all the beasts, fowls, and reptiles, as well as spirits. The archangel Michael appeared before? him and said:
"Take this ring, O Solomon King, son of? David, the gift which the Lord God Tsabaoth hath sent unto thee. Wear this Ring, and all spirits Jinns, Angels, men and the elements you will summon and command to render service for whatever you desireth." 
Engraved with the Ineffable and most Great Name of God and a seal. He used the Magic Ring as a Signet Ring,
also to enslave the Jinn's to help build the Temple.

Here is a little folklore about the ring.

Legend Has it, No mortal is able entirely to understand the power of this ring, because no one thoroughly understands the secret signs engraved upon it. But even with my half-knowledge I can work great wonders. If I put the ring upon the little finger of my left hand, then I can fly like a bird through the air wherever I wish to go. If I put it on the third finger of my left hand I am invisible, and I can see everything that passes around me, though no one can see me. If I put the ring upon the middle finger of my left hand, then neither fire nor water nor any sharp weapon can hurt me. If I put it on the forefinger of my left hand, then I can with its help produce whatever I wish. I can in a single moment build houses or anything I desire. Finally, as long as I wear the ring on the thumb of my left hand, that hand is so strong that it can break down rocks and walls. Besides these, the ring has other secret signs which, as I said, no one can understand. No doubt it contains secrets of great importance. The ring formerly belonged to King Solomon, the wisest of kings, during whose reign the wisest men lived. 

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