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The first Pentacle of the Sun of Solomon King. Handmade Gold 18K

The 'El Shaddai' talisman which bring the possessor all things they may desire.


We can made with black paint inside or without paint

The face of Shaddai the almighty, before whose form all creatures obey and the angelic spirits revere him with their knees bent.

First Pentacle of the Sun of Solomon King

The 'El Shaddai' talisman which is alleged to bring the possessor all things they may desire.

This singular Pentacle contains the head of the great Angel Methraton or Metatron, the vice-regent and representative of Shaddaï, who is called the Prince of Countenances, and the right-hand masculine Cherub of the Ark, as Sandalphon is the left and feminine. On either side is the Name ‘El Shaddaï.’ Around is written in Latin: ‘Behold His face and form by Whom all things were made, and Whom all creatures obey.’

Please note:

1. Don't let anyone touch the talisman. Because the energy changes. Once a person holds the talisman it belongs to him only.

The first pentacle of the sun. Lick Shaddai the Almighty, at the sight of all creatures whose spirits obey and angels kneel in aweThis shows the great pentacle Metratona angel's head, or Metatron, the governor and representative of Shaddai, also called the Prince of Faces; is male cherub ark stood on his right hand, in front of the female cherub Sandalphon, standing on the left. On either side of the image - the name El Shaddai. In a circle - the inscription in Latin: "Behold the face and image of the One who created all things and who obeys all things» «Ecce faciem et figuram eius per quem omnia faceta et qui omnes obediunt creature»

It is a magic pentacle that is used to obtain lucidity and inspiration, it is ideal for all those who are dissatisfied with their life and seek a new direction.


The powers of the talisman are to gain control over any sentient being. Whether it’s human, animal, or any spirit. Angels, demons, etc


Ah with this seal with you, you become terror, fear to both man, animal, and spirits. Whatever you say they obey. If people assembled to discuss about something and already reach a conclusion, and you came in…you can rule off all they have talked about and whatever you say they accept and see as the perfect truth.


You won’t be easily destroyed you. Whoever face you or go against will In the midst of those with Ferrari, though you have no ride, but you will be respected and highly honoured like you came with one. No curse can come near whoever has it. Even Spirits will tremble before U.


But this seal…people abuse it a lot. Some people, been armed with it, by mistake cursed and it happens. Like, they were just joking…and he goes like, you mad man. And he became mad. Many more like that.




You can't go to the bathroom with the Talisman

Size 3 cms
Material Gold 18K

King solomon seal The first Pentacle of the Sun handmade Gold 18K

$1,877.00 Regular Price
$1,501.60Sale Price
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