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Atlantis Ring 7 Metals handmade


The 7 metals are those that represent the power of the 7 main planets


WHY IS THIS TALISMAN POWERFUL? Because of the symbology that it contains, because it is prepared and ritualized with decrees and rituals of high magic that help it increase its power of protection. It is also made in alloy of 7 metals that correspond to the 7 alchemical planets.


The Seven Planetary Metals

Gold represented as the Sun ☉ ☼ ()

Silver represented as the Moon ☽ ()

Copper represented as Venus ♀ (or also:)

Iron represented as Mars ♂ ()

Tin represented as Jupiter ♃ ()

Mercury represented as Mercury ☿ ()

Lead represented as Saturn ♄ ()

Atlantis Ring 7 Metals handmade

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