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14K Yellow Gold, Chrysoberyl Stone

Pendant Size: 25mm / 0.9” diameter plus 7mm / 0.3” hook

Pendant Weight: 7.5g / 0.26oz

This beautiful disk pendant effortlessly combines ancient Kabbalistic notions with the best of contemporary styling: it boasts a seamless blend of antique engravings with beautiful polished gold. The burnished, glowing metal is engraved with the 72 different three-letter anagrammatic names for God that the Kabbalah derives from the mystical ana bekoach prayer; the complex series of letters appears in a classic Hebrew typeface which diminishes towards the center. At the pendant’s center sits a small Star of David embedded with a pearlescent chrysoberyl stone. This stunning piece will make a sensational gift for someone with a deep and spiritual connection to Judaism.

This pendant is available with a gold chain in your choice of length at an additional cost.

A gorgeous leather bracelet is included for free with this item! 

Leather, 18K Gold Plated

Bracelet Length: 65cm / 25.6"

It features a one-size-fits-all twisted leather band and a gold plated circle with the words shema yisrael Adonai eloheinu Adonai echad - Listen, Israel, the Lord our God is One - in stylized Hebrew letters.

Raphael crafts beautiful pieces of jewelry inspired by the Kabbalah and deeply rooted in Jewish spirituality, texts, and traditions. Each piece is intended as a personal protective amulet, designed to keep the wearer safe. Painstakingly created from precious metals and set with stones chosen for their energetic properties, Raphael pieces make exceptional gifts to those you love most.

72 Holy Names Disk Pendant with Chrysoberyl Star of David 14K Yellow Gold

$1,105.00 Regular Price
$994.50Sale Price
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