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History about King Solomon Ring Of Power & Wisdom

The Seal of Solomon: This amulet is one of the oldest and most powerful known. It is formed by two intertwined triangles, so that a six-pointed star appears, also known as the "Star of David". This symbol has a highly positive character, linked above all to divine wisdom. History tells that during the reign of Solomon, son and successor of king David, the Hebrew state lived a time of great prosperity thanks to the impulse that the monarch gave to the commercial relations with other countries and to his good one does like governor. According to the Bible, God granted Solomon extraordinary wisdom. The legends claimed that this fabulous king knew the language of animals, had knowledge about crystals and stones and about the plant world, possessed very broad scientific knowledge and also had the gift of doing miracles. The seal of Solomon has come to symbolize the union of the conscience and the unconscious. The most generalized interpretation is that which relates the triangle whose vertex points upwards with all the divine, with the conscience, with the wisdom, while the inverted triangle would be linked to the world of the unconscious, of the darkness , of the representations of the dark and the negative Other amulets related to King Solomon: The Ring of Salomon. The tradition tells that the magical power of the famous and wise Hebrew king was in his ring. Thanks to him, Solomon managed to dominate the world of spirits and was able to carry out the great enterprise of building the temple of Jerusalem. The monarch sought advice in the powerful jewel, which revealed everything he wanted to know about the human and the divine. Legend has it that one day he took off the ring to bathe and a strong gust of wind dragged the jewel to the sea and disappeared. The amulets built in the likeness of the ring of Solomon, which must be of pure gold, have the power to provide clear-sightedness and prosperity to the person who owns them. The Mirror of Solomon: The occultists of the past claimed that to make a mirror with the symbols of King Solomon's seal, 48 days should be used, beginning a new moon night. And if you wanted to be successful in the company and that the properties of the mirror were really powerful, during this time the person who made it could not commit bad actions, or have bad thoughts, should be pious and charitable. Only thus could the mirror grant to its creator the desire to achieve the necessary wisdom to be able to live better.

Philosophers, botanists and oriental astrologers have Solomon by his employer. They call him: "Suleiman." According to them, God gave him wisdom by communicating at the same time all the natural and supernatural secrets, and among the latter the most sublime and the most useful science of all: that of evoking the geniuses and the spirits and sending them. Solomon, it is said, had a ring with a talisman that gave him absolute power over these intermediates between God and men. This ring still exists and whoever manages to possess it will be the owner of the world. But it is ignored where it is and there are only formulas, practices, figures, by which one can acquire, although imperfectly, a part of the power that Solomon had over the spirits. So precious secrets have been preserved in the books that remain of this prince, and especially in his invaluable clavicula.

King Solomon Ring of Gold

The legend of King Solomon, well known in the Judeo-Christian cultures, mentions that he was an omnipotent king, a wise man and also, the most powerful of that time. These powers were explained by the possession of a ring that corrupts the one who carries it. It is said that the archangel Michael was the one who endowed him with such a treasure, which he said was capable of dominating all the demons of the earth, and with his help, he would build Jerusalem. With the ring able to know the language of birds, animals and fish, and nothing on earth, the hidden possibility. This ring, it is believed, was kept in the Holy Shrine, in the Ark of the Covenant. There are several well-known legends about King Solomon's ring. Jewish tradition tells that when King David found himself on the threshold of death, he called his son and successor, Solomon, to bid him farewell. Solomon who was young, inexperienced and very concerned about the crown that would soon be his. He begged his father to leave something that could be of help in times of crisis. His father gave him a jeweler that contained a coin. "When you're in trouble," David said, "open this case and look at the face of the coin, but when you're at the top of well-being, you open it again and turn it around and look at the other side. with you, my son. " And died. The years passed and Solomon found himself besieged by serious problems. A rebellion was brewing among the high ranks of its senior officers. The various wives with whom he had married demanded opposing caprices, even building altars for the strange gods that in their countries of origin they used to idolize. The immense economic and logistical weight of building the first Temple for the God of Israel was almost impossible to resist.

King Solomon Ring of Power
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